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Shauna is genuine, kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. She has been extremely helpful in launching my daughter into this industry in a very thoughtful and considerate way! Shauna's insights, training and feedback have been invaluable. I highly recommend Shauna and CAST KIDS! - Heather


I took Shauna’s on camera class in person and online. She helped me feel confident about auditioning in person and via my computer. About two months after her summer class, I self-taped for a big commercial, then had a live callback! I was so nervous until the callback started, then I realized I had everything I needed. Everything she prepped me for was right there with me, as the director and producer gave me adjustments. They called three days later-I booked the commercial! - Colin (student)

My daughter recently completed the CAST KIDS program with Shauna Bartel and absolutely loved it! Each week the kids worked on something new and exciting while learning valuable information about the industry. Shauna was able to give feedback tailored to each child that was very helpful. Shauna's years of experience brought great value to the class. I highly recommend the CAST KIDS class for the beginner or experienced child. Thank you Shauna! - Shana-Anne


Matthew is really excited. He's first audition and he got the lead part. They were really impressed with him when he audition. He was so comfortable as if he was acting forever thanks to your classes.  Thanks so much. - Haydee

CAST Kids was really fun!  I’m getting a lot better and going on auditions is even more fun now because I feel more comfortable.  Thanks for your help.  You are really nice and you are a really good teacher! - J.R. (student)

Shauna, we are seeing a terrific amount of confidence in J.R. since he's taken your classes.  When he reads scripts now, I see him reaching deeper for appropriate emotions and expressions.  He thoroughly enjoyed CAST Kids and is excited to use what he learned to book some great jobs.  You certainly have a great way with children!  Best wishes for continued success! - Rebecca


Thank you very much, we really learned a lot!  We're very pleased with the class.  I already recommended it to a couple of friends.  - Ronnie


I would definitely recommend CAST Kids with Shauna Bartel.  She has a lot of experience in show business and is wonderful with the children.  I can tell a big change in my son Pauly's confidence level after attending the classes.  She makes the classes fun and the children want to learn.  I also like it that she shows us a video at the end of each class and gives a critique of our child's work.  Thank you Shauna! - Lissa

CAST Kids is more fun than going to Sea World!  - PJ (student)

Great class!  McKay's confidence in front of the camera has increased dramatically.  I'm sure that it's not a coincidence that she got her first commercial after only 3 classes. - Brian

This was the best class ever! - McKay (student)

Not only is the price reasonable, but well worth it.  Shauna has learned this business from the ground up.  We learned so much from her. We highly recommend taking her classes.  - Daniel

I really enjoyed this acting class because I learned a lot of things, I had a lot of fun, and Miss Shauna was really fun to work with plus she was really nice.  - Justin (student)


My child had an excellent time, she loved the class, learned a lot, gained confidence and realized that acting is what she wants to do "forever."  - Collette

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