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Film Casting Workshop

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Do you know what the casting directors are looking for?
Do you know how to heat up a cold read?
Are you making the most of every moment in the audition room? 

Spend the day with acting teacher and coach Shauna Bartel (CAST Studio) and Vincent DeMarco (DeMarco Films) as they lead this hands-on, practical workshop.  This is not a not a huge seminar in which only a select few get to work.  EACH PARTICIPANT will be working multiple times ON CAMERA!  

Shauna brings her over 30 years of experience as a professional actor and teacher.  She'll be teaching you how to bring a script to life with dynamic choices! 

Vincent brings experience gained from numerous castings including films, music videos and commercials.   He'll be teaching on the Do's and Dont's of casting from the casting director's point of view!



Chance to win:

One private acting session with Shauna Bartel
$60 Value

$100 Off Tuition for ACT or CAST sessions at CAST Studio

Free Headshot Session with Vincent DeMarco

Free Audition Taping Session with DeMarco Films




Date: TBA

Time: 10 am - 6 pm 

Location: 8601 Commodity Circle, Orlando
Cost: $150

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Shauna Bartel is an award-winning actress who began acting professionally in Los Angeles 30 years ago.  With over 200 film, commercial and industrial credits as well as an extensive background in teaching and directing, Shauna opened CAST Studio in 2004.  She has since taught hundreds of students how to bring together the actor's creative process with the technical skills required for on-camera work to give them the crucial edge in this competitive field.

Vincent DeMarco has been in the entertainment industry both in front and behind the camera for the last 14 years. After starting DeMarco Films over four years ago they have won multiple awards and Vincent has casted and produced feature films, music videos, and commercials. Having auditioned thousands of actors and artists, Vincent is excited to be able to share what he has learned from his experience as a directer and actor.

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