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CAST BLAST Parent Reviews


"Madisen had a great time in summer camp!  She learned a lot and I noticed her acting skills have dramatically improved. She was so excited and couldn't wait every morning to attend.  I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in acting classes, you and your daughter did an amazing job!" - Loreen

"I just don’t even know how to begin to express the gratitude I have for you.  Your class is not only top notch, but both my boys love you and the way you teach.  It is not supposed to be easy to drag two boys from their favorite hotel to go to acting class, but with you, it is!"  - Christina

"Your ears must be ringing because I was just telling some moms what a great camp you run and how I feel like you genuinely care for the children you teach. It is obvious this is your 'sweet spot'."  - Amanda

"Shauna is a wealth of information. I'm so grateful to have her as a resource. I was not sure if my son was going to enjoy acting on screen, but Shauna's camp was a great inspiration for him and he is now super excited about working in the industry. She also gave us the confidence we needed to move forward."  - Lydia

"Shauna Bartel goes the extra mile for not only her students but her priceless information to the parents and her endless commitment to helping you along the way put her over and above the rest. Thank you Shauna for being you.  Thank you for this priceless knowledge."  - Lisa

"My 10 year old daughter just completed a week of Cast Blast Camp with Shauna Bartel.  This was, hands down, one of the best summer camps we have attended.  My daughter was taught real skills she can use in the industry.  Time was so well spent and used for teaching and training.  Not only did she learn a lot, she had so much fun and looked forward to going every day.  As a parent, I was so pleased to feel like my money was well spent.  I would highly recommend this camp to other families!  Thanks Shauna!"  - Kerry

"Landon really enjoyed your class and I feel like he learned a lot. Also the parent webinar was invaluable to us, as we are new to the industry. Your feedback is so greatly appreciated.  We look forward to having him work with you in the future for one of your other classes."  - Archena


“Sky was a little unsure if he wanted to go into acting until he took your class.  Now he is positive.  You made it fun and exciting- while giving him a real world feel for it.  Thank you!”  – Cara


“The mock audition for my daughters and the information you shared was INVALUABLE!”  - Shane


“My daughter loved your camp.  She wishes you had another session next week!”  - Irma


"We signed our daughter up for the Cast Blast one week camp with hopes that she would gain confidence in public speaking...what she left with was so much more than that. She has inspired in an encouraging and supportive environment. She just left her first audition with a firm handshake, eye contact, and love for acting. Thank you to Cast Blast for a great week and we look forward to taking more classes with you!"  - Amanda

"Janie learned so much about improv on her own as well as working with a group to do improv.  She improved her slate and increased her confidence in giving more of her personality in her performance. Thank you."  - Kimberly


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