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“I booked my first commercial! I can’t tell you how helpful you’ve been everything I learned in your class has improved my auditions 100%.” -Jennifer


I went on another audition today for a Universal commercial and everything we did in that audition was covered in your class!!!!  I felt so good and prepared at the audition just because they were all things that I have done before with you!!!  So, thank you again for offering these classes ;)  - Jennifer

Shauna Bartel came highly recommended to me by several people.  Her name is well-known and great to have on your resume.  Shauna really helped me.  I feel so much more comfortable now in auditions because I know what to do and what to expect.  – Sandi

I had a great time in the ACT and CAST classes.  I learned a great deal and certainly gained more confidence.  Since then I have been on three auditions and booked two. Keep up the good work. - Luis

I just wanted to take a minute and let you how much I enjoyed your CAST class. I have taken several other commercial acting courses but your class far surpasses the information and training I have received in the past. CAST gave me the unique opportunity to work on-camera in every class giving me a clear picture of how I look, move and act while performing. This experience has given me a renewed confidence in my abilities and will no doubt have a positive effect on my career.  Thank-you!  - Heather (Now succeeding as a working actor in LA)

Shauna is such a joy to work with!  She brought insider knowledge to every lesson and offered practical tips on making your audition stand out among the many.  With kindness and clarity, Shauna challenges you to up your craft to the next level.  I couldn't recommend her more!  - Sammie


This class was incredibly helpful!  Every week I looked forward to Shauna’s class because you learn so much while having a great time!  No one should pass this class up.  I can’t wait to get out there and practice shat I’ve learned.  – Sally

Thank you so much, you were monumental in me getting an agent and it's really important for people to understand that you not only teach us but really support us in making it happen, even when the class is over!!! :)

Such an incredibly positive learning environment and experience!  Shauna's expertise and enthusiasm  shines through in every class, and it's clear she cares deeply about the success of her students. - Sylvia


CAST commercial training has prepared me for auditions better than I could have hoped for.  The tools Shauna gave me during this class are tools that I will continue to use throughout my career, and will no doubt help me grow into becoming the best actor I can be.  I would recommend this class to anyone who's looking to break into commercial work! - Celia

I loved Shauna's CAST class!  It was super fun to be around a like minded group of actors and just people who are so accepting, fun, and willing to learn!  I looked forward to each and every class and can genuinely say I think I will benefit from the skills learned and everything that I practiced!  Thank you Shauna for a wonderful 8 weeks!  Here's to booking! #castclassbestclass  - DJ

Through Shauna's course, I was given the confidence and knowledge to really get my feet wet!  Not to mention the resources obtained via CAST.  I would definitely encourage anyone considering to give it a shot! - Ori

CAST commercial was one of the best things!  I loved Shauna's class!  It was amazing!  Everyone was super supportive, and especially Shauna.  She was always there by your side directing you.  I promise you it's super fun and you will connect with others, they are super accepting and willing to learn!! - Giovanna 

I absolutely enjoyed my time in CAST commercial training.  Shauna infused her love of acting into every session, in turn motivating me to work harder.  I am now ready to get an agent and tackle the acting world! - Tristyn

CAST was the best acting class I have taken so far.  She gave me tips and tricks that will help in the commercial acting world.  Shauna was very open and polite with every person in my CAST class.  Not once was she super strict, from the first class I felt very welcomed.  Now I feel confident going into the professional acting world on my own knowing that I had her help.  - Shanara

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  It was extremely informative and helpful.  I remember specifically the first night hearing some things you mentioned and telling myself I did those exact things incorrectly in an audition I had just days before.  Now I know how to correct those things and so much more.  You were a very pleasant teacher and very giving.  You made everyone feel very comfortable, but didn't sugar coat anything which I greatly appreciated.  I could go on and on, I just wanted to say thank you. 

- Matthew


Shauna’s class is wonderful and a great introduction to the world of commercial acting.  Her assignments are very realistic and great practice to prepare you for real world auditions.  – Betty


The CAST class was an incredible investment of my time.  I learned so much about commercial acting that I didn’t even know existed.  This class prepared me for my future in commercial acting and now I’m so excited to get started.  – Jen


Just what I needed as I get back into the business.  I learned some new things and was reminded of the much-needed basics.  – Tori


I felt like Shauna’s CAST class was a place everyone could come into and really relate to one another in.  We could all learn from one another and it was a place to let go and take in some really helpful advice and tips!  I would recommend this class to anyone looking to further their acting career or even just for fun!  - Yaarah

I am so glad that I took your CAST class! It was amazing. I learned more than I could ever imagine and really feel prepared to face auditions.  Anyone who is considering commercial work would be crazy not to take your class.  It really helped with my confidence level and now I feel like I have a little advantage!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  I look forward to taking more classes from you in the future.  - Leslie


Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the two eight-week classes, CAST and ACT.  What impressed me most is not only how insightful you are in evaluating each class member, but what a “good” human being you are throughout the sessions.  Your sincere caring and generous nature is the true lesson as it offers to all of us a role model of what a real actor should be in this business.  You, yourself are the best advertisement for your classes.  - Cindy

I actually went to some Full Sail University film auditions earlier and I must say after that class we had in ACT about the cold reading helped a bunch! I really feel like I improved drastically. All of the auditioners liked what I brought to the table.  - Josh 


Before I took Shauna’s class, I auditioned at Full Sail and didn’t get a part.  Now, since the class, I auditioned and got 3 parts!  - Sandi

Your class changed my perspective about commercial acting.  I'll recommend you forever! - Darius

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